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Single & Multifocal Lenses

In some situations you may have experienced limitations of vision with progressive lenses. This might occur whilst you are walking and the objects in your vision appear to be moving, when you wear
progressive lenses for the first time, or when your prescription has changed and you find the lenses uncomfortable.

With Varilux S Series, seeing clearly becomes effortless and natural, providing you with vision stability during movement and wide fields of clear vision.

This new range is composed of 4 exceptional products:

Varilux S 4D
Fully personalized with 15 parameters quickly measured through a specific device called Visioffice, it is the best lens of Varilux S series range. By integrating the exclusive parameter of the sighting dominant eye, Varilux S 4D gives you access to a faster vision experience.

Varilux S design
Varilux S design is the Varilux S series lens for standard frames.

Varilux S design short
No need to choose between aesthetics and performance, Varilux S design short provides the Varilux S series performance for short frames.

Varilux S fit
Optimized to each one wearing conditions, Varilux S fit takes into account frame personalized parameters and natural reading distance for perfectly positioned near vision.

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