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This standard eye test can be taken without cost once every two years by eligible Medicare card holders. It involves eye tests carried out at various distances to help identify issues with day-to-day vision, and includes professional advice on eye health and the best way to address any problems using glasses, contacts or sunglasses. Click here to read more.

20 to 30 minutes

Nil cost to eligible Medicare card holders who have not had an eye test in the last 2 years.

$71.00 for non Australian residents.

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Standard Eye Test plus a Digital Retinal Scan that provides detailed high resolution images of the retina. This helps optometrists detect both eye health issues, and in some cases general health issues that relate to retinal changes. Click here to read more.

30 minute consultation

Gap fee: $45

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Standard Eye Test with the added reassurance of an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)scan.

This highly sensitive scanner looks deep below the visible surface of the eye to reveal the hidden layers beneath, along with any issues that would be very hard to detect early without this ground breaking technology. Click here to read more.

40 minute consultation

Gap fee: $110

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Contact lenses are better value and simpler to use than ever before, so we want to make sure you get the best advice about the right type to choose and how to wear and look after them. As an Independent Practice, we have access to all contact lens manufacturers and designs to enable us to source the best option to suit your needs

Including an extended service to first-timers and those who have tried contacts before but without success. It consists of an eye test and assessment of your suitability for contact lenses, help with choosing the best type for your needs, assistance with putting them in and taking them out, and the opportunity to test out a pair.

Then, because we want to make sure you’re totally comfortable with your new contacts, you can come back for further consultations as often as you like within 12 months to help resolve any issues or try new types of lenses. Click here to read more.

30 minutes for the initial consultation

Costs: $150 for one year if not eligible for a Medicare rebate

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To find out whether Ortho K is for you, our Optometrist is happy to give you a FREE 10 Minute “Ortho K Consultation” straight after your normal eye examination consultation OR you can book in for a full consultation and find out if you are suitable for Ortho K. Click here to read more.

30 minute consultation

Fee: $75

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Diabetes is Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease and many diabetics suffer from diabetic retinopathy, a key cause of blindness in working age people. High resolution retinal photography and OCT evaluation enables early retinal changes to be detected sooner.

This specific condition-related testing, is tailored to the specific needs of diabetics or those suspected of diabetes. Click here to read more.

45 minute initial consultation

Gap Fee $140

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Macular Degeneration is an age-related condition that causes vision impairment (and even blindness) in around 100,000 Australians. Early changes in the tissue in the back of the retina can be detected by retinal evaluation and imaging.

This enhanced eye test with additional condition-related testing is tailored to the specific needs of people over 50, smokers and those with a family history of macular degeneration. Click here to read more.

45 minute initial consultation

Gap fee $140

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Over 200,000 Australians have glaucoma, though half of these people remain undiagnosed. The condition gradually and painlessly deprives sufferers of their peripheral vision and progress if left untreated, yet once identified, it can usually be treated with eye drops.

Glaucoma can be detected by a pressure check, visual field examination and optic nerve evaluation, all of which are included. This specialised eye test utilising OCT and GDx-VCC technology is tailored to the specific needs of people over 40 with risk factors for Glaucoma or a family history. Click here to read more.

60 minute initial consultation

Gap fee $140

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* Please check with one of our friendly staff for actual amounts and associated costs.